We pride ourselves on our Summer Program, which is an exciting twelve-week program comprised of various field trips and outings.


Our Summer Program is designed to enrich children socially and culturally be exposing children to events and organizations in the metropolitan area that parents frequently do not have time to interact with. Contact us if you need more information about our programs.


[6 - 12 YEARS]

The Schooler Program makes use of age appropriate equipment for the older child ages 6 years through 12 years. Time is provided for relaxation, socialization and assistance with homework after school.


Schoolers are encouraged to explore current events, read challenging books and discover the worlds unknown. When schoolers are out of school for holidays, etc., we enjoy taking them on enriching field trips for multicultural and social experiences.


[2 - 5 YEARS]

Preschool One offers exciting, cross-curricular to help children actively learn about their world in a fun and meaningful way. Our three-year olds utilize this curriculum


Preschool Two offers challenging and exciting ways for children to reach their maximum potential within the scope of the curriculum. Framework balances child initiative and teacher directed activities which promote family involvement.


[18 - 24 MONTHS]

Our Primary Toddler Program encourages 18-24 month olds to explore the world through exciting, age appropriate activities.


Our Secondary Toddler Program is designed strictly for two year olds. This program offers fun, hands-on activities that provide a supportive, loving environment where toddlers can learn and explore. We provide the development of beginning readiness skills by integrating theme-based learning into skills which are age appropriate and developmentally appropriate for the two year old.



The infant program is centered on individual attention and a warm, nurturing environment. Daily communication with parents is the key in this program. A lesson plan will be completed, posted and utilized weekly, as well as, a written record of the infant’s progress provided to the parent on a daily basis. The Infant Program that we utilize promotes visual and language development, and helps parents understand developmental milestones, and enriches the infant learning environment.