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Start with play therapy at home… Even little figures, stuffed toys, or puppets will work. Have your little-actors experience a transition to a different place, but don’t forget to act-out some coping tactics.

Have a dialog around the transition with your kiddos in a constructive way and try to not allow your own personal concern about the transformation show too much.

Try visiting the school as quickly as you can this summer... If they offer parent-visitor days you and your kids could be present. If your youngster’s class makes available a daily calendar or schedule of events ahead of time, go through it with your students.

Also, if you can discover who any of your child’s new classmates are, then you could set up a play date. Some institutions even make late summer play-dates available for newly entering students.

Another great method is to role-play as much as possible as dramatic performance is very vital to help children acquire how to perceive change and how to start new journeys.

Tell your youngster how you felt as you went to kindergarten and perhaps even what made you feel more comfortable and how it ended up great in the long run.

Ask your child’s siblings to tell her/him about their experience.

Recap to your children that it is normal to be frightened. Nevertheless, you’ll feel better with each day that goes by. Lots of children feel the exact same way. It will be enticing to try and shrug-off their fear, that’s after all, only because you know it will be okay... Rather you should attempt to concede to your children’s anxiety as existent and valid all while offering comfort and encouragement.

Pre-school aged children require the feeling of reassurance that their mothers and fathers believe how they feel is real.

Give them adequate amounts of time to talk with you concerning their fears.

With your kids, try writing a short-story about their first day and starring them in the leading role

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