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Sitting up is one of the first major feats infants do by themselves, but it doesn’t magically happen overnight. Figuring out how to help babies sit up is an important responsibility for both parents and caregivers. So, when do babies start sitting up on their own? It depends on each child, but infants typically start sitting up on their own between four to eight months of age. To help you encourage infants to sit up for themselves, we’ve come up with a list of items that promote independent sitting.

1. Baby Love Mat

For children six months and up, the Baby Love Mat works perfectly as a multipurpose activity center. The middle cushion is perfect for tummy-time activities, while the horseshoe cushions encourage independent sitting by helping support babies as they learn to sit up.

2. Sit-U-Up

Available in several different designs, the Sit-U-Up seating cushions promote independent sitting skills for infants and toddlers ages 3–18 months. Each Sit-U-Up features a high back and rounded arms that help children feel safe as they learn to sit up by themselves.

3. Starry Night Sit Me Up

For children four months and up, the Starry Night Sit Me Up is similar in structure to the Sit-U-Up but features its own unique design that is appealing to children and adults alike. Pair this cushion with the Starry Night Activity Mat to create a comfortable and safe place for young children to enjoy.

4. Tot Supporter™

If you’re wondering how to teach a baby to sit up, the Tot Supporter™ is a wonderful tool you can use to support and encourage children’s physical development. The dark blue cushion cover is soft on children’s skin, is easy to remove from the pillow, and is machine washable!

5. Newborn Lounger

This adorable Newborn Lounger features an elephant print, recessed interior, and soft material that will help babies feel safe and secure as they observe their surroundings and start to gain the physical skills needed to sit up by themselves. Be sure to also check out the Podster® Infant Lounger.

Remember, if you’re looking for tips on how to help babies sit up, one of the best things you can do as a caretaker is to provide plenty of loungers and cushions that help children develop the physical strength and skills needed to sit up on their own. Check out our full selection of loungers and cushions in the soft surroundings category of our Infant and Toddler Care section.

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