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What are your thoughts about technology in early childhood education? There are many benefits to children using technology, but the type of influence it has on children is often dependent upon the rules and guidelines set forth by parents and educators. It’s also essential that adults provide engaging digital experiences with high-quality material. Here are five ways you can use technology in preschool to engage children and help them learn the skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

1. Teach Letters and Numbers

There are a variety of apps and software that can help children with early literacy concepts and early math concepts. For example, our Shine-2 Software has two Explorations that help children gain early math and literacy skills. From letter recognition and letter sounds to counting, sorting, and grouping, Literacy Bubbles and Math Bubbles are fun learning opportunities and engaging digital experiences for children. Our Shine-2 Software is included with all of our Shine-2 Hardware. Alive Studios also offers several software packages that use augmented reality to help children develop their literacy and math skills.

2. Promote Active Play

Promote active play in your classroom by using software that allows students’ bodies to be a part of the game! The Move-NG has a variety of activities that require students to be the remote control. For example, Word Pop requires children to use the provided box to try and catch letters as they fall to spell a certain word, and Patterns requires children to strike the pose missing from a pattern.

3. Learn About Animals

Encourage children to use technology to read about animals and watch informational videos that are developmentally appropriate for their age group. You can also use the Shine-2 Software on our Shine-2 Tablet and other Shine-2 Hardware to learn about the anatomy of various animals. Children can paint over animal X-rays with their fingers to see what animals look like on the outside or paint away the animal’s exterior to see its inner anatomy.

4. Encourage Creativity

Technology provides many opportunities for children to be creative. Encourage children to use drawing programs and apps to start with, and then bring in other types of technology. Have children take a picture and edit it, make a short video and help post it to the classroom blog, or do similar activities that require technology.

5. Develop Digital Skills

If you choose to use technology in your preschool classroom, you’re also helping the children in your care gain the digital skills they need to be digitally literate. Teaching them appropriate ways to use technology can also help them be good digital citizens in the future.

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