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Even if you’re not a big fan of creepy crawlies, teaching children about insects is an important part of their science education. Many children love to learn about bugs and other parts of life science, which is why providing them with memorable learning experiences is even more essential. Here are 12 must-have science tools you can use in your classroom to teach children about insects:

1. Backyard Books (Set of 8)

For children ages three and up, this set of eight paperback books is perfect for children who are a little squeamish about touching or looking at bugs in real life. The books help children learn about the life cycle of a dragonfly, bee, butterfly, spider, and more. Children will get to see how the insects hatch, develop, and live in their environment.

2. Insect Posters (Set of 8)

These colorful and realistic posters of insects in nature are great to display throughout the classroom, especially in the science area or learning center. Children will love seeing an up-close view of a butterfly’s wings, a ladybug’s shell, and a bee on a flower. The set includes eight 8 ½” x 11” posters and an information sheet.

3. Insect X-Ray and Picture Cards

These Insect X-Ray and Picture Cards give children different views (top, bottom, and inside) of 36 insects. Children can match the insect X-rays to their corresponding picture cards, which are double sided and measure 4” x 6”. An included teacher guide gives details about each insect. The X-ray cards would work great with a light table!

4. Super Bug Set

Giant-sized caterpillars, beetles, spiders, butterflies, and more are included in this Super Bug Set. The insects are made of flexible plastic and are colorfully detailed to catch children’s attention and resemble real-life bugs. This Kaplan-exclusive product would work great with magnifiers, microscopes, and other science tools.

5. Jumbo Magnifiers (Set of 6)

Children four and up will love this set of colorful, extra-large magnifiers! They work perfectly for life science lessons, and children can easily use them to take a look at plants, animals, and insects. A built-in stand also allows children a hands-free viewing of their subject. The magnifiers each measure 8”L and offer a 4.5x magnification lens.

6. Insect Lore Original Butterfly Pavilion®

Use the Insect Lore Original Butterfly Pavilion® to teach children about the process of metamorphosis. Children will get to take care of their very own caterpillars, watch them change into chrysalides, and emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. The habitat has see-through mesh to give children a clear view and easily stores away until its next use. A voucher for 10 caterpillars, a feeding pipette, instructions, and an activity guide are included. A School Kit is also available.

7. GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Bug Net™

When children drop a bug into the net, the Talking Bug Net™ tells them facts about the bug and quizzes them on what they’ve learned. The net requires three AAA batteries (not included) and features more than 100 bug facts and quiz questions.

8. Insect Match & Learn

Introduce children to a variety of insects with Insect Match & Learn. Children will learn about the differences between different types of insects as they match 10 realistic insects with their spot on the photo map. A grasshopper, honey bee, junebug, and moth are just a few of the insects featured.

9. Creature Peeper

The Creature Peeper allows children to observe grasshoppers, beetles, and other insects for short periods of time. Children can see the bug from either the top or from the side of the bug viewer. The Creature Peeper is watertight and won’t break or tip over, which means that children can also use it to view small fish or tadpoles. A beetle replica is included for children to view.

10. Buzzerks – Praying Mantis Glasses

This set of Praying Mantis Glasses allows children to look like and see like a bug. Children can choose to experience insect sight, or they can flip the lenses back for a clear-eyed view. Buzzerks is a great way to help children experience what life looks from an insect’s perspective.

11. Insect Life Cycle Game

What’s the life cycle of ant? Children can learn that and much more with this instant activity center for the classroom. The game helps children begin to understand the life cycle process and includes two laminated activity boards and four life cycle cards for each insect. An activity guide is also included.

12. Uncle Goose Bug Alphabet Blocks

The Uncle Goose Bug Alphabet Blocks are handmade in the United States and help children learn about patterns and etymology while also teaching them about insects. The 28-piece block set features multicolored insects and uppercase and lowercase vowels. Extra vowels are also included to help children spell out the names of most insects.

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