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We all know that reading to and with our kids helps them broaden their vocabulary and enhances their education. No matter your child’s age, reading is important, so they can become well-educated and perform as well as possible in school. The sooner we begin reading with our children, the more they will learn and the more they will embrace the joy of reading for a lifetime.

But reading is more than education alone. The pages of books are like magical explorations to different times and places. Through reading, children can experience new ideas, take journeys, and embark upon special adventures. They will discover new people and uncover new passions as they flip the pages.

Most of us won’t ever have the opportunity travel to far-away lands and meet people from cultures we’ve never heard of. We may never come close to kings and queens, wild animals, mountain peaks, or hidden treasures. But when we open a captivating book, we can imagine we are right there. And since children are so naturally imaginative, they can leap into the scenes page by page.

When you choose a book for your child, consider what gets them excited. Perhaps your child loves looking above at the nighttime moon and stars. Pick up a book about space travel, the planets, or astronauts. Maybe they are into music. Find a biography of a beloved musician or about the history of rock and roll or Motown.

When reading becomes entertainment, kids don’t even feel like they are learning. But as they absorb the words and become involved in a storyline that intrigues them, they will continue to make reading an important part of their life. Exploration through reading provides an escape as well as an education.

Do you read regularly with your child? Have they embraced reading more when they see it as an adventure rather than an assignment?

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