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Lots of kids are timid and shy, and their personality may affect their ability to make friends. When a child is very quiet and doesn’t step out from their safety net, other kids may not get the chance to notice how great they really are.

These shy children may never be the life of the party, but every child has their own special qualities and the ability to engage with their peers to develop a circle of friends. Some kids only wish for a handful of companions while others hope to be part of a larger group, but either way, when a kid is super-shy, they may have trouble getting noticed or fitting in.

As parents, we can help our less-outgoing kids find ways to make friends. Here are two ways to encourage your child to overcome their shyness and develop meaningful relationships. It may take time and practice, but they can do it and will enjoy the results… a new best buddy!

After-School Sports Team

A sports team is a great way for shy kids to come out of their shells. As part of a team, all the kids must band together towards a common goal. Whether the kids are shy or outgoing, they are all part of group and must communicate, play as one, and celebrate victories together. If your kid shows an interest in sports, get them on a team right away. They will bond with teammates and find friends they may have never had the chance to interact with. Sports also brings out confidence which can be another factor in getting your child to be more outspoken and interactive. It’s a win-win!


It is so important to teach kids the value of being a volunteer. By helping others, your child will feel proud and know they are making a difference in the world. While volunteering, your child will meet like-minded people who are interested in caring for others. This special bond will help your child form friendships in the most unlikely places and they can work together in an effort to make other people’s lives better. When the focus is off your child, they may be more apt to opening up and getting to know other people. Other kids will be impressed with your child’s selflessness and may be inclined to join them in their efforts. Together, they can make a change.

Do you have a shy child? What have you done to help them make friends?

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